Epi 31 Life Of A Strip Club DJ with Deejay St. Joel

November 25th, 2012

You can't have a strip club without a strip club DJ, and Deejay St. Joel is one of the best you'll find. St. Joel joins Joey and Steve to share his adventures in the strip club industry, as well as his other DJ related jobs. St. Joel also flames the fire of old high school rivalries and calls out the MN Timberwolves house DJ, DJ Mad Mardigan for be a shitty DJ. You will also get to here two songs of St. Joel's upcoming album, "Strip Club Music." This episode starts off with discussing the conflict in Israel, legal magic mushroom and the guy who cleans up the cum in a jerk-off booths. Yes, really...

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Deejay St. Joel's Website: http://stjoel.com/index2.html